The daily headlines continue to be filled with declarations across the board about the increase in mental health problems for young people, especially those aged 11 to 18. Many cite reasons or theories about the cause of this increase and there are a whole range of opinions. However the one thing that they all agree on is that the situation is escalating and that the statutory bodies are struggling to cope.

More and more they are having to rely on the Third Sector and charities to help, this is where The Door comes in, and potentially where you can help us make a difference.

In many cases, for a young person or parent to simply have someone on their side that they can talk to, can make the difference between them coping or not.

In the first three months of this year we saw an 80% increase in applications for support, so we are looking to recruit more volunteer mentors to help support those young people and their parents when they need it most.

Not sure if you are right for the role? Just talk to us. Full training and ongoing support is given. You might even find it the most rewarding thing you have ever done - many of our existing mentors say it is.

John who has been volunteering at The Door for the last 2 years said:

“I love being a volunteer. I enjoy giving young people a chance to make life better for themselves, Teaching them tools for living in today’s world. The rest is up to them.”

If you would like to join The Door’s award-winning team of Volunteer Mentors and help us provide a safe space, listening ear and positive role model for a vulnerable young person or parent please give Alistair or Shona a call on 01453 756745 for an informal chat with absolutely no obligation.

Alternatively if you are ready to 'sign on the dotted line' visit and download the application form today.

Bring Someone Hope – Volunteer

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