Journeys are a theme for us just now at The Door.  For those who come to us, whether attending one of our thriving youth centres, looking for that extra support via our mentoring service, or parents in need of reassurance and guidance, all are on their own personal journey.  And our mission is always to provide a place of safety and hope to enable them as they grow and find their path forward. 

A very exciting journey that The Door is currently embarking on (after many years of hoping it might be possible), is that of supporting the most vulnerable year 6 primary school pupils as they transition to year 7 and take on the challenges of secondary school. Working alongside the NHS clinical commissioning group we are delighted to have Sarah Williams on board as the programme manager, for what is to be known as the ‘Door Step Programme’.  Sarah, who has very much ‘hit the ground running’, comes with a wealth of experience managing the implementation of new programmes and has wasted no time in getting to grips with the task in hand.  It is always clear to us that we are on the right track, when others share in enthusiasm for our vision and we are pleased that this is very much the case for all the youth support services across the county. It is a privilege to be able to roll this programme out through the summer this year and to see so many young people who might struggle, move forward journeying with us towards the next phase of their lives.

There is of course another journey that The Door are accompanying during this time of lent.  As we look ahead to the empty tomb on Easter day, we take comfort in knowing that, though Jesus' journey was tough, Easter was not the end, but in fact a new beginning of hope.  At The Door we aim to give others that hope, whatever their journey involves and wherever they might be coming from or going to. Knowing it will get better if we just hold on to hope.

Every blessing this Eastertime

Victoria Robson - Director of Service Delivery

Directors Chair – Victoria Robson – ‘Journeys’

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