Throughout October the Youthwork team have been having lots of fun as well as talking about ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ – not judging a book by it’s cover. Here’s just a little of what they have been up to:


Half Term was a little different in Stroud this year as the centre had a refurb with a fabulous new kitchen and a full repaint. (More details about that next month) The young poeple all helped out and even had time to fit in a game of ping pong darts. At the start of the week The whole youthwork team were out and about at the Five Valleys’ Fireworks doing detached youthwork.

Young people have been getting creative in Stroud with colouring and over in Avening they have been trying out some Origami.



Also in Avening The young people did some Drama exploring how different people are percieved by others in Society as they learned about not Judging a book by it’s cover. They also celebrated Bonfire Night with Bonfire Hot Chocolate and giant Marshamallows.



Staying on the topic of food, over in Dursley the team hosted their first Saturday Breakfast Club (Last Saturday of the Month at The Vibe), young people enjoyed a full English Breakfast and were visited by the Stroud District Council Youth Forum.  Young people at The Vibe have also been using the computer room to help with their revision and homework.


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Dig A Little Deeper – October Youthwork Update

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