September’s Youthwork theme has been #SquadGoals looking at Friendships old and new. We have especially been supporting young people as they transition between primary and secondary school as well as those leaving school for college, apprenticeships, work or further education. Here is just a little of what we have been up to:

September started as a musical month. Senior Youthworker Becky Launched her new EP at a concert in Stroud while TheĀ Vibe partied at a Karaoke Night




The Vibe also hosted the official relaunch of The Door’s youthwork in Cam and Dursley while Avening celebrated lots of birthdays (with lots of cake!)



Avening has also been full of creativity making outfits and embracing human sized board games including hungry hippos on Skateboards!




Cam have also been keeping active with football outside the centre and even a couple of games of hide and seek (Has anyone seen Kathleen?)



As the evenings draw Young people across the district have enjoyed playing computer games in teams and against each other including Mario Kart and Fifa.




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#SquadGoals September Youthwork Update

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