From Beach Trips and Sports Days to Pamper Sessions and Pancakes, it’s been another busy #DoorSummer we asked the youthwork team for their highlights of the last 6 weeks:

John, Community Youthwork Coordinator for Stroud: “For me it was the the outdoor lasertag trip, – young people and youthworkers had varying levels of success at Battle Hill but everyone enjoyed the day and left smiling. Once again it was the most enjoyed trip of the summer. In fact, there was one young person who  left his house for the first time in two weeks to specifically come on that trip.”

Young person Amy explains one of the games they played: ” we played a game like capture the flag, but instead of a flag we had a back pack. We had to keep our team safe and get to the check point without the other team getting hold of the bag or getting hit too many times. It was a really hot day but it was ok under the trees. It was really fun, I definitely want to do it again”

Becky, Senior Youthworker in Stroud: “My highlight was working out how to make pancakes in a microwave – with the help of the young people of course! ” Amy shared the recipe with us “All you need is 1 mug of flour, 1 mug of milk and 1 egg, whisked together, then you pour it onto a buttered plate and cook it in the microwave for 3 minutes” Becky continues: “They all enjoyed eating nutella, sugar and lemon on their homemade pancakes almost as much as they enjoyed making them.

At the Pamper Party  I trusted the young people to paint my nails and they did a fantastic job! We had some new faces in the session which was great, and Frankie seemed to enjoy sharing her skills with everyone.”

“On the trip to Weston-Super-Mare we may have got absolutely soaked by the rain but it was a great day nonetheless, some of the braver young people even went in the sea!”

Roxy who went on the Weston trip shared ” I won an orange dolphin on the pier and named it ‘Doorphin’, I also won a watermelon candle!” Ash added “The glass and mirror maze was good, it was really funny watching people try not to bump into the walls!”

Roxy continued: “If it wasn’t for The Door I wouldn’t have left my bedroom all summer, the trips were so fun!”

Leah Sessional Youthworker– “My highlight was the young people engaging really well with each other and the team at our Sports Day in Stonehouse – playing rounders, cricket and even doing circus skills. The BBQ we all shared afterwards was very tasty – even if Alistair was cooking!”



Super Summer Of Fun

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