We face an uncertain future. Events over the past few weeks have demonstrated how unstable foundations can be, and that what many rely on can turn out to be insecure.

As a youthwork charity, the implications of the Brexit vote, economic fallout and lack of political leadership are yet to be understood:

From a fundraising perspective businesses, grant-makers and individuals may all find that they have less to give. There are also some contracts currently underpinned with European Funding which may be jeopardized.uncertainty

Community work will take on new meaning, as many feel let down by the system and those who represent them, whilst others will feel unwanted in a country they call home. Young people, already facing uncertain futures, will see the path before them differently. For some they will hope for increased job opportunities, whilst others will become further disconnected.

The sense on the streets is of a polarisation – the requirement to “tolerate” those of opposing viewpoints seems to have been ripped away, and hatred begins to spill out. As youth and families workers, we always strive towards respect and mutual understanding. In these times we must be more determined to be the glue which holds families and communities together, seeking reconciliation and harmony.

As Christians we recognise that whether we are British, European, or any other nationality, we are first and foremost citizens of God’s Kingdom – called to demonstrate in deed and word that the Kingdom is Near. Ultimately heaven is a place of ultimate reconciliation and harmony – for us as individuals, for the world itself, and for creation and God to be reunited.

Whatever the current climate of the world, our mission remains the same – to be makers of God’s Peace here on earth.

The State We’re In