Though it is widely known that here at The Door we provide expert and world class youth support to young people in the Stroud District, it is perhaps less well known that we also provide much needed support for parents of teenagers that is hard to beat.  Parents of teenagers, who might be in crisis, often suffer in silence making the best of the situation despite being abused by their troubled teenagers and feeling alienated from friends and family who might offer well meaning but often damaging advice such as ‘just tell them what to do’ and ‘I wouldn’t let them talk to me like that’ with the implication that the parent who is struggling really ought to just deal with it.

But dealing with a strapping and stroppy teenager who is refusing to engage or even comply with anything can be so soul destroying and indeed a very shameful, disabling and dis-empowering thing for a parent to deal with.  Many parents often say they feel judged by others, that they have somehow let their teenagers down and that they have failed in some way.  Parenting teenagers can be a joy but is often a very isolating time and that’s where we often help.  Our Parent Support group, that meets in Stroud and Dursley, is a vital space for parents to take some time out, while being with those who really understand, don’t judge but offer support and a friendly face.

We can very easily under estimate the value of friendship.  For parents who struggle our groups offer a vital lifeline at a time when they feel most alone and challenged.  If you know anyone in this place and would welcome a space to talk confidentially about their circumstance do encourage them to get in touch – it might just be the most supportive thing you could do for them this year!

One Parent that comes along to the group said: “I really look forward to meeting everyone it’s good to know that I can talk and know that it won’t go any further.  I’ve found some good friends through this group”

For details of group times and for more information call 01453 756745 and ask to speak to Sandra or Victoria

Support Groups – For Parents