As a charity we’re seeking to become less reliant on grant funding, and more self-sufficient, but currently there is a short-term gap that needs plugging. While 25 & Counting will increase our long term sustainability, it is clear that we need to find new sources of funding straight away. During this financial year we have a challenge to find around 1/3 of our income from new sources.

Over the past few weeks and months, a number of organisations have ‘caught the vision’ already, and we’ve had an amazing £5,000 from the recent Painswick Ball, whilst students at Thomas Keble have entered into a sponsored walk. Sainsbury’s in Stroud have adopted us as their charity for the year, and we are planning a weekend of fundraising activities over the 11th-13th December.

Supporting The Door helps families like Hazel’s. When Hazel first approached The Door, her relationship with her teenage son, Tom, had all but collapsed – they had stopped communicating, and Tom spent most of his life in his bedroom. He was refusing to go to school and she was faced with prosecution. Over the past 18 months, The Door’s family support team have given Hazel the skills, confidence and support to get a hold on her life, and better help him come to terms with his own anxiety and lack of self-confidence. Tom has also engaged with workers at The Door, opening up about his difficulties at school and in his relationship with mum. Now they are sharing evening meals together, enjoying life, and he is back in full-time education. Hazel feels like she’s got her son back, Tom has aspirations for his future, and life for the family is positive.

I wonder whether you might be able to support someone like Hazel or Tom?

  • Could you consider a monthly donation and become a DOORnator?
  • If you already give in this way, could you make an additional one-off donation this month?
  • Maybe you’re involved in a school, business or community group, that could hold a fundraising event for us?


As a Christian organisation we worship a God of absolute abundance, and if we are faithful, he will indeed supply all of our needs, according to his great riches in Christ Jesus. We know that God has been faithful to us for nearly 25 years, providing all that we’ve needed when we’ve needed it. More often than not He’s provided it through the generosity of people like you.

No matter how big or small, every contribution will make a massive difference to us, and people like Hazel and Tom.

To make a donation to The Door, or find out more about organising a fundraising event, then click here.

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