We have seen some significant changes in young people as a result of fantastic mentoring recently! The best part of my job is doing the reviews with mentors and mentee together – most young people are completely transformed. They are more confident, more relaxed, feel supported and listened to, and are taking a more balanced and calmer approach to what is going on in their lives. We use a questionnaire  at various stages of mentoring which maps where a young person sees themselves. Often at review this picture looks slightly bleaker, but that is often due to being more realistic about their options and choices, and can be an encouraging sign that the mentoring is going well. A few weeks later the picture brightens up beyond anything they saw or felt when they first came to us for support.

We have closed a number of mentoring relationships recently as the young people no longer needed the support. It was a real joy to see them go off on their journey feeling more positive, focused and happy with the direction they chose.

We always need more mentors to do this worthwhile and rewarding work with young people. You can contact us and complete an application form at any time, then we will let you know when our next training course will run. After training we provide group supervision and ongoing Continual Professional Development, and peer support from other mentors. We would love to hear from you: Click Here To Get In touch

Shelagh, Mentoring Team Leader


Mentoring Results

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