The Youthwork team organised a trip to the fight factory in Gloucester for non-contact fitness session following on from the young people enjoying the pad work in Drop in with James.

Five young people signed up and the excitement grew on the bus ride to Gloucester.  We arrived at 1pm for our session to start by which time the young people were ready and raring to go.
First of all they warmed up with Jon (the coach) who began by teaching them different techniques and stances, then it was time to put on the boxing gloves. They started with bag work running intervals and combinations. Then it was time to step in the ring. Some of the young people were a little nervous but the coach reassured them. They all took it in turns to do pad work with the coach and them some sparring. The young people had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it.

One young person said that their favorite bit was “being in the ring with the coach” and feels “it has really helped my confidence”.

It was a great trip. Hopefully we will be able to go again in the near future.

Wednesday 27th MayIMG_3790

Fight Factory Visit