1. Supporting Existing Youth Ministry in Local Churches

Offering a range of professional practical support to local churches in developing their youth ministries and discipleship of young people.
As well as co-ordinate a monthly “Engine Room” event for young people of all denominations to gather together for worship, fellowship and prayer – inspiring them to connect up within their school communities and go out as yeast into the world.

2. Young People as Yeast in their Schools (Matthew 13:33)

Inspiring Christian young people to see themselves as “yeast” in their school communities. Yeast is a small but powerful catalyst for change from within. #illuminateStroud will inspire and empower young people to live out an active faith in their schools, collectively becoming positive role models for other students, and active within setting the cultural climate of the school.

These young people will be “leaders from within,” as peer mentors, school advocates, members of councils and governing bodies etc. The ethos they will carry into the school will be love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

This will improve the welfare of all students, and particularly support the disadvantaged and disengaged to become more successful and integrated into the school community.

3. Making the Christian Faith interesting and relevant to

Working alongside these active students, the Illuminate Director will work with young leaders and schools to deliver specific events centred around the Christian faith these could include Christian Assemblies, Prayer Spaces, Support for the RE curriculum, Activities around Christian Festivals, running a Christian Union and more!

These activities will help all young people explore the Christian Faith and their own spirituality, developing a richer understanding of what it means to have a faith, and growing tolerance and acceptance towards faith communities.

4. Events

Regular events with a clear Christian message such as live music, performance or interactive workshops providing opportunities for Christian young people to invite their “non-practicing Christian” friends and those of no faith. 

Enabling young people curious about discovering more about faith to engage with it on different levels as well as to connect them with the illuminate team and key Christian young people as part of their personal development and developing their faith. 


  • Christian young people becoming a new generation of active, positive role models
  • School culture developed and enhanced around the values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
  • Disengaged and disadvantaged young people supported by their peers to achieve more
  • Increased tolerance and acceptance of different views and beliefs, including Christian young people not feeling vulnerable to stand up for what they believe