Volunteers are a vital part of the work of The Door. We couldn’t do what we do without them. All of the time, dedication, energy and spirit provided by our volunteers is so appreciated. In return, we will do our best to make volunteering as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.
In order to make this happen we have set out the following Charter:

What Volunteers can expect from The Door:  we will do our best…

To ensure that you are equipped:
We want to make sure you have the knowledge, skills and resources to carry out your volunteer role to the best of your ability. We will make sure you have training before you start your role, a full induction relevant to your role and provide ongoing training as needed.

To keep you safe:
The Door is committed to maintaining up-to-date health and safety and safeguarding policies, holding the correct insurance, and carrying out risk assessments to keep all staff, volunteers and participants safe.

To keep you up to date on all things ‘Door’:
We know that making sure that all our staff and volunteers know what’s going on is important. So to keep you informed we’ll send regular emails, messages and reports. And of course, the wider team are on hand to answer any questions you have.

To keep you up to date on industry changes:
Whether it’s new developments in the industry, increased knowledge of the issues impacting those we support or changes in the law, we will ensure that all our volunteers are kept up-to-date with anything that may impact their role. For some roles this includes invitations to attend monthly ongoing learning.

To review how we are doing:
It’s important to stop and reflect on what’s been happening. You will have regular informal check ins with your team leader with a more formal check in once a year. This is a chance to take stock, share experiences, ideas and issues and take some time to look at the big picture as well as the day-to-day detail.  We are always open to feedback and exploring new ideas.

To understand every individual:
We’ll spend time getting to know you as a person so we can ensure that you are in a volunteering environment where you can thrive, taking into account lived experiences and celebrating our differences.

To look after you as well as those you support:
Making sure you are well, as well as those you are supporting, is really important. So if you need someone to talk to about your role at The Door, members of our staff team are available for 1:1 support.

To take time to celebrate together:
We know you work so hard to help others, we love to say ‘thank you’ and want to celebrate all the victories together, no matter how small. We hope you can join us at our Annual Awards Night and other celebrations

What The Door expects from our volunteers…

To do their best:
To carry out their role reliably with enthusiasm, dedication, commitment, and care.

To keep others safe:
By following processes set out in The Door’s Health and Safety and Safeguarding Policies to ensure they keep themselves and others safe. And by reporting concerns to an appropriate member of staff with due urgency.

To be respectful of others:
The Door’s service users, volunteers and staff come from a variety of backgrounds and have their own individual stories that brought them to where they are. Volunteers should be respectful of these histories and respectful of our diverse community.

To be committed:
By being able to fulfil their agreed hours with consistency as agreed with their team leader. Volunteers should also ensure that as much notice as is possible is given when they are unable to fulfil their volunteering activities due to planned holidays, illness or emergency.

To be reliable:
Volunteering with The Door involves building trusting relationships with service users, other volunteers and staff. Volunteers should ensure they are able to arrive on time to activities and follow through on their commitments and plans to complete activities.

To maintain good communication:
By ensuring that they check in with their team leaders regularly throughout the year as frequently as is appropriate to their role.

To maintain quality records:
By following processes for their role and providing adequate and accurate records of works completed. Volunteers should appreciate the value and importance of good record keeping, returning any required records to team leaders within set time frames relevant to the role.

To commit to personal development:
By regularly attending opportunities to learn new skills and improve their knowledge to help them develop in their role and be best supported by the wider team.

To be ambassadors for The Door:
By being positive and supportive of our charity. When representing The Door volunteers should be professional in both their appearance and manner. Volunteers should not use aggressive, abusive, or explicit language when at The Door or when representing The Door.

To keep The Door team informed
Volunteers should keep in touch with their team leader about anything that may impact their volunteering commitment.
Volunteers should give as much notice of wishing to finish or leave volunteering as possible.