"It's fun and you are giving something back - what more could you want?"

Fundraising Volunteers help #KeepTheDoorOpen by supporting fundraising events and activities. Opportunities include street collecting, stewarding, serving refreshments and more. Opportunities range from one hour a year to a few hours a month.

If you are interested in volunteering please use the form at the bottom to message the team.


Can you only spare an hour or two every couple of months? Are you amazing at shaking a bucket and serving tea? Do you have a special talent for parking cars or do you just love stewarding concerts?


The Door is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our amazing team of volunteer fundraisers. Whether it's an hour on a Saturday morning shaking a bucket or a Friday Night stewarding a concert. We are always on the lookout for friendly people looking to give something back to their community but can only spare an hour or two to do so.


This would mean being added to our monthly email newsletter containing volunteering opportunities. All opportunities have different considerations and may not be appropriate for all ages and abilities although we do our best to accommodate everyone.Some roles may require a DBS check to be completed.

Please note all of our downloadable forms are Word documents and can be completed electronically before being submitted online (by email).

If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of the form you need by post please use our contact page to request one.

All forms will include a stamped address envelope so you can return then to us at no cost to you.

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