The Door’s youth clubs are open access, young people can come and go as they please during the session and are free to choose how they engage in activities. Once a young person leaves a session or centre The Door is no longer responsible for their care.

During sessions The Door’s team of professional youthworkers and trained volunteers will be on hand to provide activities and support.

Young Person Emergency Contact Form
Please complete this form for every young person that is going to attend one of The Door's Youth Clubs. This form can also be used to update existing information about a young person.

Details of Young Person

This form should be completed by a young person aged 13 years or over or by their legal guardian.

Emergency Contact Details

These details will be used to keep you safe

Health and Wellbeing

If you have any allergies / dietary requirements, ongoing medical requirements, disabilities or impairments please provide details in this box

Further Details

Why does The Door need all this information?
To keep you safe at youth club we need to know who to contact if you are unwell, in an accident or distress. It also helps us out to know if you have any allergies or medical needs. This information helps us make
sessions more accessible to you and to protect you from harm.

What happens to my information?
All information you provide will be stored safely and confidentially in
accordance with GDPR legislation.

Who should fill it in?

This form can be completed by a young person or their legal guardian. Young people under the age of 13 must get the form signed by their guardian in line with our Safeguarding Policy.