Monday 29th April
Volunteer training starts today, please pray for the team as they lead the sessions and for our new volunteers as they start their learning

Tuesday 30th April
Please pray for the recruitment of new community youthworkers into The Door team, pray for the right applicants to come forward.

Wednesday 1st May
Today we will be launching a telephone support session service pilot. Please pray that it will be trouble free and run smoothly.

Thursday 2nd May
Please pray for wisdom and grace in the Wotton team as they continue to build and strengthen relationships with young people and stakeholders in that area.

Friday 3rd May
A week on from the initial workshop please pray for the planning of our new Door Step programme and the recruitment of another new team member.

Saturday 4th May
Please pray for Hannah and her family as they face a challenging time, pray for confidence and peace in their lives.

Sunday 5th May
Please pray for The Door's management team and trustees as they continue to work on the budget for next year.

Weekly Prayer 29th April

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